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Which packages are included in the Holiday Basket?
Our most popular options for domestic & international holidays are included in the Holiday Basket. These packages offer best-in-category experience with award winning service of Thomas Cook. Please click here to select your choice of holidays.
What are the Benefits of Holiday Basket?
Price Protection - Inflation Free for 2 years/ 1year. We protect the price that you pay now for the next 2/1 year. We take care of the airfare / hotel tariff inflation and all other factors for which the price could later increase in the next 2 years.
When can I avail these trips?
After successful purchase of your Holiday Basket membership, you can avail 4/2 trips within the 24/12 months respective of membership.
Is there a sequence to which these trips can be availed?
Yes, you can avail these trips in an alternate sequence of International & Domestic (India) holidays.
Is there any time gap between these trips?
Yes, there needs to be a gap of at least 6 months between each holiday.
Can I take all the holidays within 2 months instead of 24 months?
No. There needs to be a gap of atleast 6 months between every holiday. Holiday Basket membership lets you plan holidays in span of 2/1 years instead of immediate vacations. If you are interested for any immediate Holidays, Please click here to explore our other packages.
What is the sequence in which I can avail these 4 holidays?
Your first trip through Holiday Basket would be to International destination, followed by domestic holiday & so on in alternate fashion.
Whom should I contact to know more about Holiday Basket?
To know about Holiday Basket, Please call us on 18002667500
Who is my Relationship Manager?
Relationship Manager or RM is a Thomas Cook executive exclusively available to our Holiday Basket members to help them every possible manner. This RM will be your point of contact for queries during your membership.
Can I make changes in my holidays after taking membership purchase?
Yes, you can make certain changes in holidays after purchase. Please contact your RM on 18002667500 for more details.
Can I transfer Holiday Basket membership to my friend or family?
Yes, the club membership is transferable to friends or relatives of customer. Membership can be transferrable at a nominal flat fee of Rs.5000 only. Transfer of holiday can be done minimum 60 days prior to departure In case in unavoidable circumstances you cannot transfer your holiday then the cancellation policy is applicable. For more details, please talk to your Relationship Manager on 18002667500 for more details.
How to view rates for various packages of Holiday Basket?
You can view rates of various packages on Holiday Basket make your own hoilday section of website. Please click here
Do you provide financial assistance to purchase Holiday Basket membership?
Yes, we have tied up with Tata Capital/Bajaj Finserv/Sankash as finance partners to help our customers in availing Holiday Basket membership in an attractive offer. Please call us on 18002667500 to know more.
How finance partners will help me in purchasing Holiday Basket membership?
Our partner Tata Capital/Bajaj Finserv/Sankash will help you in securing loan to purchase Holiday Basket membership at NO COST EMI offer. In this offer, you will not pay any interest amount while paying back loan in instalments. For more details, Please call us on 18002667500
How do I purchase Holiday Basket membership?
Please help us with few details about you by filling this short form or call us directly on 18002667500 to purchase membership.
What are the steps to avail financial assistance from Finance partner?
Please help us with your details by filling form or call us on 18002667500 Thomascook Holiday experts will assist you.
How do I book my holiday destinations?
After successful purchase of membership, your RM will help you in booking your holidays.
What if finance partners reject my loan?
In case rejects the loan, Thomas Cook will be refunding total deposit amount to the customer.
For requesting refund, please talk to your relationship manager on 18002667500.
What is the cancellation policy for Holiday Basket?
Please refer below table –
Cancellation Policy Cancellation Fee of total package cost
Before 1st Trip: Booking Deposit of the package cost - Non-Refundable 15%
After 1st Trip 45%
Afer 2nd Trip 70%
After 3rd Trip 90%
Cancellation request is to be placed 60 days prior to departure date, at any leg of the 2/1 year period. If it is raised within 60 days of the departure then the next trip slab will be applicable.  
Can I cancel the membership after availing 1/2/3 tour?
Yes, you can cancel the Holiday Basket membership after partially availing included tours. All cancellation & refund conditions are applicable. Please talk to your RM for more details on 18002667500.
What if I want to cancel membership after availing 1st tour?
You can cancel Holiday Basket membership after availing 1st tour. All cancellation & refund conditions are applicable.
Can I change one of the tour destinations post-purchase?
Yes. You can change tour destinations. Please talk to your RM on 18002667500. Please note changes would be subject to additional charges.
Are there any blockout dates which cannot be availed through Holiday Basket membership?
Yes, there are few blockout dates to be noted –
a) 20th Dec to 10th Jan
b) 12th – 22nd October
c) Dubai Shopping Festival days
Note-You can still book holiday on these days by paying extra charge.
Are there any hidden charges or fees in Zero cost EMI?
No. It is completely interest free and there are no hidden charges.
Will I be charged any penalty if I foreclose my travel Loan account?
There are no penalty charges for foreclosure of the travel loan account.
Who can apply for a travel loan?
Salaried and self-employed individuals in the age group of 21 to 60 & 21 to 65 years respectively can apply for travel loan.
What is the maximum amount that I can get as a travel loan?
We offer travel loans up to ₹ 5, 00,000.
What are the documents required for a Consumer Durable Loan?
We need your primary and KYC documentation -
a) Identity and Residential Proof (PAN card is compulsory)
b) Cancelled cheque
c) Income proof
To know more please call us on 18002667500.
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